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Official xHubs APK Download App for Android smartphone is provided in this great post. xHubs App is getting very popular day by day mainly because of the features which are offered by this application. 

With xHub APK, users can easily watch great adult videos which are not even available in the premium apps. All these videos in different categories are available for free of cost.

xHubs has 10+ millions of free videos which is available for users of all kind, you can even download the media in your smartphone.

Some of the best and fantastic features which are now included in xHubs App is that users can really download videos from various categories.

Best thing is that videos are provided in the high definition quality, users with a low internet connection can even use the low-quality media.

xHubs App

Also, high privacy feature which comes with multi layer security layer is the main functionality of this application. After installing xHubs App users can go in settings section and can setup pattern lock so that no other person can open the application even if has access to your smartphone. So this features saves you from unwanted embarrassing situations, I hope you know what I mean ;).

xHubs APK Download Android App Guide

xHubs APK

xHubs APK is considered as one of the best and trending entertainment app in Indonesia, India and many other nations.

The videos which are provided in this application is loved by millions of people all over the world and this is something which makes this xHub really very popular all over the world.

When talking in technical terms xHubs App takes very less space in your smartphone so those who don’t have high-end Android Smartphone can even use xHub.

  1. Once you download xHubs App
  2. Install the app on your Android Smartphone
  3. Don't forget to set pattern lock
  4. You are ready to enjoy the application.

Furthermore, the user interference is extremely easy to understand which makes navigation through the complete app easy and faster.


Let us make it very clear that this is an adult application and users who are only 18 or 18+ year of age should access xHub. But, we strictly say that this is not an adult site, this blog just covers the reviews of various kind of applications which are not available on Google Play Store.


xHubs is not at all responsible for the videos and media content which users are downloading using their application and xHubs is just a platform where millions of videos are made accessible to the users.

It's recommended and highly suggested that users must consider the legality of the area in mind while using xHubs APK because you might be downloading the content which is prohibited in nature as per your local regulations.

Download xHubs APK for Android Smartphone

xHubs Download
  • Without any further ado, I just want to directly provide you the download link to xHubs App for Android smartphone. If you are an iOS or iPhone user then we are very much sorry to say that this app is not really available for you.
  • But their mobile website is accessible by any platform but you will have been happy with the limited functionality of the mobile site.
  • xHubs APK Download is not available through the official Google Play Store or any other third party App Store. xHubs is exclusively provided from here only. We provided xHub APK file from the official website.
  • PS: We don't recommend to download any kind of android application from unwanted and unauthorized websites because it can harm your smartphone with viruses. 
  • Also, stay away from the apps which are similar to xHubs but provides very limited videos and content but fewer features.

Install xHub APK Android App:

Now, the best question which is asked by many of the users is that how to exactly install xHubs APK on their Android smartphones.

Well, if you are someone who is installing APK files from third party distributor (i.e not installing an application from Google Play Store) then you would have to follow these extra steps because of certain restriction implemented by your device manufacturer.

  • 1. Please open your Android’s menu and go to settings
  • 2. Now, head to “Security”
  • 3. Now toggle the option in “Unknown Sources” (Allow installation of apps from an unknown source) and enable it.
  • 4. All done.

John says that a wide range of videos covering most categories. This is well done. I must agree however with the many other app users about the obtrusive video format ad issue. This is something which is very irritating.

All other apps confine their ads to an unobtrusive banner at the bottom of the screen for better user experience. But xHubs, why not become a true industry leader by removing ads completely from all your fine products and services? Completely free and ads free!

John Doe
xHubs App User

Luther says that when using xHubs APK few of the videos get stuck when skipping forward manually to a certain timestamp, gets solved by replaying the video after skipping it to the end but still not a perfect solution so please fix it as soon as possible. Few videos get occasionally start loading once again when skipping back.


Manish explains that xHubs App is functional for the most part, but there are so many little tasks that would be easy to fix that would help users enjoy this application in a better way.

For example, don't show videos I've already watched again when I reload the app and provide a way to refresh the category. It's also difficult to tell whether or not certain options are selected while watching a video like if I want to watch a video in HD category.​


Kuldeep suggestion on xHubs:

The best video sharing service, now with videos from various niche and original HD videos. It's cool that the app lets you download to your smartphone now, which is so useful if you might have a wait long because of buffering.


Suggestion from Deepak: xHubs App is good but it could be much better. I have subscribed to a lot of channels in xHub APK. In the section where we can view our categories, please put the whole Alphabet in order on the right-hand side. When we click a letter we'll find we want to see.

That will give direct access to easy search which will make it really helpful for users to watch desired videos in xHubs. That will also save mobile battery which will add to the performance of the application.


I think I am done with the article about xHubs APK Download and if you have faced any issue with the article which we have published here then please let us know about it. xHubs App is trending a lot these days.